Alec Bradley Crescendo

Alec Bradley Crescendo

A while back, I was given the task of purchasing cigars for my friend’s wedding. Being incredibly short on time, I quickly found some good deals and placed an order with Holt’s Cigar Company in Philly. As part of a promotional offer they were running at the time, the good people at Holt’s threw in a free 10-pack with my purchase. When the package arrived, I discovered that these free cigars included several of the Alec Bradley Crescendo, a line I hadn’t heard of before. An Internet search didn’t turn up much information, and indeed, I was halfway through recording the video review before I learned that the Crescendo was, in fact, a Holt’s exclusive. Being the inquisitive sort, I decided to check it out and share my thoughts with all of you.

Alec Bradley Crescendo by the numbers:
Size: 6×54
Vitola: Encore (toro)
Wrapper: Honduran
Binder: Honduran
Filler: Nicaraguan & Honduran
Strength: Medium-Full
Country of Origin: Honduras
No. smoked for review: 4
Duration: 2 hours
Source: purchased by the reviewer
MSRP: $4.75 (exclusive to Holt’s Cigar Company)
Twitter: @alecbradley
Facebook: Alec Bradley

So how did the Crescendo stack up? Was it a hidden gem, a dud, or something in between? Watch the video to find out…

(Video length: 11:32)

Soundtrack: “Quiet Hours” by onlymeith
is licensed under a Creative Commons license.

I was actually pretty impressed by the Alec Bradley Crescendo. Although certainly not a “wow” cigar by any stretch, it definitely exceeded my expectations for a $4-$5 stick that was given away for free (with purchase). As a testament to that, consider that I’ve smoked all but one from the 5-pack, not because I had to, but because I wanted to. Sure, the burn was a bit inconsistent at times, but the flavors were surprisingly enjoyable, if not overly bold or complex. I can’t see myself going out and picking up a box, but I might be swayed to make another similar purchase in the future if the same deal was going on, and would keep these on hand for moochers or for when I’m not in the mood for a pricier option.