Havana Saver

Welcome boys and girls to a short, down and dirty review of the Havana Saver. I was given this accessory while Walt and I were at Famous Smoke shop for Cigarnival 2012. This is a draw poker plus. When I say plus I mean some of them have a golf ball marker and you can use it as a stand to hold your cigar while on the links or just at home gardening. These have a MSRP of $9.95 and can be found at a variety of locations, hopefully close to you.

This one I am letting the video do the talking as there is not much to say without visual aide.

Would I buy one of these? Yes. I think for the price it is a nice tool for every cigar smoker to have handy. I can’t tell you how many times I was outside working and laid my cigar down to have it roll away into a puddle, my wife steps on it or even I do.

I also saw that you can have special designs done for your shop, cigar or special event.

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