Undercrown Flying Pig by Drew Estate – First Impressions

I have a lot going on so I am giving you a first impressions review of the Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig. This cigar is only available in Holland and only 205 boxes of 12 were produced with 10 staying at Drew Estates and 195 going to Holland. Pricing is hard to say as the MSRP seems to be around $15 but from what I read about people getting boxes from overseas the price is over $20 a stick due to taxes, shipping, etc.

Tons of chocolate on the cold draw from this Drew Estates Undercrown Flying Pig. Wrapper gave some barnyard and spice but nothing near as strong as the cold draw. I really hate lighting vitola’s like this as I am always afraid I will burn the wrapper too much and throw off the flavor. I try to use matches or a soft flame normally.

Starting off a great mixture of wood, spice and a bit of chocolate. This cigar is giving off a lot of smoke and has a loose draw right now. If you watched the video you saw I only took a tiny bit off at the pigtail and even so, the draw is loose. Watch how much you snip or you may get too open of a draw on this one. I would put this at a mild with full flavor right now. Spice has picked up a bit and lingers on the palette more while the chocolate has all but gone away and made room for a more woody taste. Flavors had stayed pretty consistent for a while now and about a medium body. I am a bit surprised thinking it would be a full bodied smoke. I am glad it isn’t as I am still a mild to medium guy for the most part. Just as I say that and smoke a little bit more it seems to be knocking on the door of full. Flavors are still very nice with a woody spicy taste dominating and a chocolate with a hint of a fruit, I am going to say cherry or black cherry, in the background. Chocolate has come back even more in the last inch but the cigar is heating up and you have to be careful about puffing to much and getting it too hot.

Would I buy it again? Yes, it was a very good smoke and did not get overly full to knock me over. I also think the rarity has something to do with having them in my humidor but I may never see or smoke this stick again. If you have the funds and they are still available, snag some.

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