Edicion de Familia by J. Fuego at the 2012 Famous Smoke Shop Cigarnival

Jesus Fuego - Edicion de Familia 2012 - 1

While attending the 2012 Famous Smoke Shop Cigarnival, we had the pleasure of speaking with long-time friend of Stogie Review – Jesus Fuego. While chatting, Jesus began to tell us about his new annual release which he is calling the J. Fuego Edicion de Familia.

The blend is made up of Nicaraguan and Honduran Tobacco, primarily of the Corojo variety, with an Ecuadorian Sumatra Wrapper. The cigar will be available in November and comes in a Box Pressed Belicoso, Box Pressed Toro and Parejo Robusto. Of those three sizes, the Robusto will be encased in a glass tube.

750 boxes of 10 Cigars were made in each size and production is slated for 150 retailers across the country. Each of those retailers will receive an allotment of 5 Boxes, per size. One of the aspects that Jesus seemed very proud of was that these cigars were allowed to rest in the aging room for 6 months, then were packed in boxes and will be given another 6 months of age before they arrive in stores.

For more information on the J. Fuego Edicion de Familia, can be found in the video below