Quesada Q D’etat Howitzer


The Quesada Q D’etat Howitzer has been on my list to smoke since I reviewed the Molotov back in April. By now you know that the Q D’etat Series was created as a protest against increased restrictions on cigar smoking and higher tobacco taxes. The Howitzer, a massive 6×60, represents the second of three releases in the Q D’etat Series. Maybe I missed an episode of Weekly News over at Halfwheel but I still haven’t heard any details about the third release.

Video runs around 10:30 minutes. I won’t beat around the bush. I didn’t find the Howitzer very impressive and the size worked against it. The Howitzer starts off peppery and a little spicy to open up your palate but after the initial “shock and aw” subsided I was left waiting. I got an occasional spattering of sweet earthy and woodsy notes but nothing that was consistent or intense enough to keep my interest. This is where the 6×60 size always fails for me. You have to have rich flavors and/or a lot of complexity in a 6×60. The Molotov was an odd size but it was complex, rich, kept you on your toes with its shifting palate sensations and engaging. None of that was found in the Quesada Q’Detat Howitzer.


All because I didn’t like a cigar doesn’t mean you won’t. So I’m giving away one (1) Quesada Q’Detat Howitzer, one (1) Quesada Q’Detat Molotov, one (1) Casa Magna Domus Magnus Limitada, one (1) Stogie Review Travel Humidor and one (1) HumidorNotes.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment.

Winner will be chosen at random. Contest ends at 12pm EST on Monday, June 11, 2012.