CI Legends Giveaway

Welcome fans of Stogie Review to the giveaway I promised for the CI Legends Series of cigars.

AUDIO –> Right-Click: Save As

Links to all the reviews in the series:

White Label
Blue Label
Red Label
Green Label
Green Label – Jerry’s Review
Yellow Label
Yellow Label – Jerry’s Review
Maroon Label
Purple Label
Purple Label – Jerry’s Review
Orange Label
Orange Label – Jerry’s Review
Copper Label
Copper Label – Jerry’s Review
Black Label
Black Label – Jerry’s Review

There you have it in a nice short list of clickable links.

Now if you watched the video you already know what to do to enter the contest to win a 15-count travel humidor, 10 pack sampler of the CI Legends, a Humidor Notes single book, and a Black Ops cutter. If you have not watched the video you must tell me exactly how many times I mentioned the word “cigar” in all the videos.

Just kidding, tell me which one you would be most interested in trying and you will be entered.

You should still watch the video though.

This contest will run until Saturday June 16th at midnight. I will announce the winner in the post and I will email the winner (so make sure you use a valid email) on Sunday June 17th.

Congratulations to Rob for this comment…

The maroon label. Haven’t smoked them all, but the maroon stands out.

You have won the contest. Email sent.

Thank you to all who entered.