Los Blancos Nine (Short Ashes)

Los Blancos - Nine - Short Ashes - May 2012

After a very hectic couple of weeks, which involved a totaled vehicle and non-stop phone calls from various insurance people, I am back with a cigar review. This time I revisit the Los Blancos Nine. I first tried this cigar a couple of years back at the IPCPR trade show in New Orleans. I fell in love with it but haven’t seen it since.

I got word that Sir Stogies was holding an event with David Blanco and would have the Nine in stock. I wasn’t able to make it to the event, but I made sure to stop in and pick up a couple of cigars while they were available. Just like I remembered, this cigar was full of body and flavor. At roughly $6.50 per single, I think it was a fantastic buy and I look forward to picking up more in the future.

The video below runs a little long as I got long-winded in discussing my situation before getting started with the review. The video runs roughly twelve minutes and is available in audio form, for your convenience.