CI Legends – Black Label

Welcome to the last of this series review with the CI Legends Black Label by La Aurora

Starting out there is a sweet tobacco scent on the wrapper and just plain tobacco on the foot and cold draw.

First couple puffs give a woody note but the spice ramps up very quickly and takes over everything.

Every now and again, some it lasted longer than others, there is a sweetness that comes into play. It really is about the only thing that breaks up that spicy pepper taste. I am wishing there was a lot more of it to add a little bit of variety.

I can not review this cigar without mentioning the aftertaste. It is dull, bland and lingering on the palette. It does not have a lot of flavor to it just a muddied dull prolonged taste that just will not go away.

I gave up a little early on this one too as I was getting a headache. Every one I smoked has given me a headache. I honestly do not know why because the power was a medium but it may have been due to the string spicy pepper taste and that dull long lasting aftertaste.

That is it. Never really got any sort of dimension to it other than strong spice and dull, palette killing, lackluster, icky, awful aftertaste.

Would I buy it again? No. I can honestly say I would take them as a gift and let them sit in my humidor for years before even attempting one again.

Let me know what you think!

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