CI Legends – Green Label

Here we go with the fourth cigar in the series, the CI Legends Green Label made by Puros Indios.

As I said all the other times, these are available in one size only, 5.7×54, and only available at Cigars International.

Starting off with this CI Legends Green Label the wrapper is a little rougher than the others and it has the silky feel of a Connecticut shade to it. I do notice the wrapper has a blemish or hole here and there in most of them and it is very thin.

Scent from the wrapper is a natural tobacco which is the same from the foot and cold draw.

I screwed up the lighting and burnt it a little so the first puff or two had that burnt taste to it but then it gave me a nice nutty taste which reminded me of walnuts.

A little ways into the cigar and a woody note presented itself along with a little bit of spice but nothing that will alarm you.

Honestly, the cigar stayed this exact profile till the end when the spice picked up a bit and the flavors really started to get rough. This happened around the 1.5 to 2 inch mark on all of the ones I smoked for the review. If you stop smoking at the band you will never notice it.

Mild. I should really put that in all capitals and even add bold to it as this cigar was one of the mildest cigars I ever smoked. I think it would go well with a coffee in the morning as it will not overpower even a light roasted coffee or something that would do well in the evening in you want to wind your palette down after smoking some heavy stuff throughout the day.

Would I but it again? Yes. I really enjoyed the cigar to the band and with the straight forward profile, low cost and nothing overpowering (till the end) it would compliment a cup of coffee nicely and do for a great cigar first thing in the morning. I also had one in the evening and although I did not smoke a lot of cigars that day, it stood up nicely to wind down the evening and get ready to get nice and warm under the blankets for nighty night time.

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