CI Legends – Red Label

Welcome back for the next installment from the CI Legends series. Today boys and girls I will be reviewing the CI Legends Red Label.

Taking a whiff of the wrapper and foot and the only scent present is a natural tobacco. This is the same on the cold draw also.

Starting out this CI Legends Red Label and the first couple puffs provide a leather taste.

I will note this is the only one in the legends series that is a torpedo.

A little ways into the cigar and a nice spice starts to come in to play and the cigar is a medium body. On the low end of medium though.

Around the third mark and a flavor change starts to develop that include a nice dark chocolate taste with a tinge of a sweetness. It is not sweet enough for a milk chocolate but more like a dark bitter chocolate with a dash of sugar on it. Sounds healthy doesn’t it.

After the half way point the cigar started to turn more woody and nutty but they were pushed to the background of the bitter dark chocolate and spice. Still a nice little change but nothing that makes you go “wow”

Body has picked up to about a low full and never goes above that for the rest of the cigar.

I did have a split in the final third but as I said in the video, it happened in other ones but never caused any serious problems.

I apologize for the short video but for some reason my camera’s battery does not seem to want to hold a charge and went from full to empty very fast. I am looking into it and hope to have it resolved for the next installment.

Would I buy it again? yes, I can easily see having a few of these on hand for a time I want something with just a little more body to it but not completely in the full category.

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