Contest: Win a Stogie Review Travel Humidor

SR Humidors - main.jpg

This weekend I began to feel a little under the weather. I made it through the weekend and crashed on Monday when I became “Full Blown Sick“. Being completely stuffed up, smoking a cigar would have been a complete waste. Here we are on Friday and I’m just about over whatever has my sinuses all jacked up.

Rather than push it and try smoking a cigar for review today, I spent a little time trying to come up with something instead of a review. With no article / post ideas coming to mind, I decided to take the easy way out and simply post a contest.

The contest I came up with is a result of spending a few days in bed with YouTube to pass the time. I am a fan of Bad Lip Reading. With that said, I wanted to see a little Stogie Review Bad Lip Reading. While I have no delusions that this will turn out like the musical number of Russian Unicorn or Morning Dew, I’d love to see something like the Herman Cain’s Bad Lip Reading.

Below is a muted clip of Mike Forry conducting a review. What I’d like you to do is simply watch the clip and read Mike’s lips. Type out, in the comments section, what you see Mike saying, and you are entered for a chance to win a Stogie Review Travel Humidor.

On March 23, 2012 I’ll select a winner. The winner will be whoever makes me laugh the hardest. I’ll play Mike’s clip and read your entry. Keep in mind, the words have to fit what it looks like Mike is saying. Just putting together some random, weird, stuff isn’t going to cut it.

Who knows, if we get a funny enough entry maybe we can get Brian Hewitt to do a voice over with your entry. In any case, have fun and good luck.