Gurkha Seduction

Ok folks, this review will be going up a little bit later today (probably at around 9-10AM) in the same format as the Royal Challenge. I will tweet when I am going to start live posting.


Starting out with this Gurkha Seduction with my first observation of the band and how it blends in with the cigar. This is not a good thing in my book.

Cigar seems a bit spongy with a barnyard scent on the wrapper and a little bit of chocolate on the foot.

Snip and am met with a tobacco taste on the cold draw.

Light and I get a nice spicy leather.

Almost forgot the specs for you. I am smoking the 5×50 robust sent to me by Michael Williams .

This cigar has an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper, Dominican binder and a Columbian corojo filler.

Woody flavor has developed in this first third and the spice has started to get a little harsh for me.

Smoke is really pouring out if this cigar and there is a huge amount of flavor, just not many different ones.


As you can see I am at the bands. Spice has actually toned down just a little and the wood and leather have started to meld nicely together.

Still a lot of smoke from this cigar so be prepared to get yelled at if you are around non smokers.

Strength has picked up to a high medium to low full for me. I was concerned about this due to smoking it at 10am but still going good.


Been tasting a bit of citrus on the after taste but it quickly gets swallowed up by a charred taste. Flavors are getting a lot harsher and the spice more potent and sharp.


Here we are at the nub and I am going to let it go now.

This Gurkha Seduction was really good fir the first two thirds but slowly started getting pretty harsh and even a little bitter towards the end. Power ramped up to a low full but never went further.

Would I buy it again? Doubtful. I really did enjoy it at the beginning but with how it got towards the end, I was wishing it was more like the Royal Challenge.

Hope you enjoyed this and I should be back with a video next week.