Dona Flor Alonso Menendez Series (Guest Review)


If memory serves me correctly, January 2008 was Ed and my first review here at Stogie Review. We reviewed the Dona Flor back then, and now we are re-visiting the brand and another blend. Dona Flor was in limbo for awhile as two companies disputed who had rights to the brand. Now that the issue has been ruled upon in court, an owner has been chosen and they are back in the market.

I used to smoke the Dona Flor Alonso Menendez Series back when I started smoking cigars. I went through at least a couple of boxes. When the brand disappeared from shelves, I basically forgot about them. It was only until last month that I was able to revisit the brand. It was during this review that I was reminded why I was so fond of Dona Flor. The flavors start out very basic and subtle, but transforms as soon as you enter the second third. Sweet, rich flavors and spices and a creamy finish await you. I wasn’t expecting a lot from this cigar at first, but I was set straight quickly.

Some random banter include Ed and my favorite cigars of 2011, but for the most part, we stay focused on the cigar and pick it apart as much as possible. I hope you have the chance to spend 24 minutes with Ed and I as we discuss what we think is a very nice cigar.


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