Rocky Patel Fifty Toro – First Impressions

Wrapper :Ecuadorian Habano Oscuro
Binder : 2 binders both secret
Filler : secret Nicaraguan
Source : local shop paid $22

Coming back to cigar reviews with a special edition cigar, the Rocky Patel Fifty. This cigar was produced to celebrate Rocky Patel’s fiftieth birthday and was in development for four years and uses tobacco that is aged at least eight years.

This cigar is produced in three sizes, Robusto (5×50), Toro (6 1/2×52) and a torpedo (6 1/8×52) with a limited production of 2,000 numbered boxes of each size.

Pricing on these, breathe slowly, is about $20 to $22 a piece per five pack or $17 to $20 if you buy a box. You can see, this is not one of my cheap smoke reviews.


Wrapper is a nice variegated chocolate brown color with a mild tobacco scent and a little sweetness on the cold draw.

Just a personal observation. I like the orange color on the band. It really stands out from the darker chocolate wrapper.

Flame on.

First Third

Starting out this Rocky Patel Fifty and it gives me tastes of leather and a sweet spice right up front. Mild cigar at this point.

After smoking just a little ways in, the power ramped up to the medium range and the leather was replaced by wood and a dark coffee taste. Spice was still sweet on the retrohale.

I started getting a sharp almost bitter taste right after exhaling the smoke. Might have been from the tobaccos used but they are secret, so I really do not know.

Rounding out the first third was a medium bodied cigar with full flavors of wood, coffee, sweet spice and a little of that sharp bitter. The sharp bitter did not hang around it just hits and goes.

Second Third

Puffing into the second third of this Rocky Patel Fifty with the body being a solid medium and the flavors still producing wood, coffee and the sweet spice. Some of the sweetness is showing up without retrohaling now and makes it a nice pleasant aftertaste on the palette.

We hit the full body range right now.

Flavors are really strong and tasting really nice. Getting the woody taste, spice, coffee and even a little bit of leather made its way back in.

There is not as much sweetness as it had before but it is still there.

Final Third

Heading down the final stretch of this Rocky Patel Fifty and the flavors are really nice and if you like a full bodied cigar, you would like it also. Like I have said a million times, I wish it would be in the medium range but it is still going good.

A little ways into the final third and the flavors started to get harsher and harsher.

I gave up at around the one inch mark due to the body ramping up considerably and the flavors being harsh.


Would I buy the Rocky Patel Fifty again? maybe. I could see having a couple in my humidor but it would be something I could not afford to buy a box of and would mainly get them to see how they do with age on them.

I hope you give them a try, especially if you like a full bodied cigar as it is something that once gone, you will not be able to get again.

Let me know in the comments if you had any, what you thought, or if you think you will look for them to try or age.

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