La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra


One good thing about Cigar Aficionado’s Annual Top 25 List is that it occasionally puts the spot light on a popular cigar that we may have overlooked over the years. The La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra by My Father Cigars is one such cigar we’ve overlooked. Brian reviewed the La Reloba Seleccion Habano when it was released in 2010 and I reviewed the La Reloba Seleccion Mexico when the La Reloba line expanded in 2011. Some how we managed to review one of the original releases and the first extension but overlooked the La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra when it was released along with the Seleccion Habano. All three versions of the La Reloba feature the same binder and filler and as I’m sure you’ve figured out, the only difference between the trio are their wrappers. This Seleccion Sumatra features an Ecuadorian grown Sumatra wrapper.

Video runs a little over 10 minutes and to be completely honest. Its a winner. Its nice to have choices. Its nice to have an affordable cigar and not have to sacrifice construction, complexity or balance. The La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra doesn’t have that kick you in the nuts peppery blast that we’ve grown accustomed to from My Father Cigars. Its there but all things being equal, its not on the same level…and thats a good thing. Like I said, its nice to have choices. I’ll have to revisit the Seleccion Mexico and give the Seleccion Habano a try but right now, the La Reloba Seleccion Sumatra is a winner with it’s fuller body and complexity that you typically don’t find in this price range.