EP Carrillo Short Run 2012 (First Impressions)

All of my recent posts these last few weeks have been late, but each time I’ve had a legitimate excuse (not that it really matters). This week was no different: my in-laws were visiting this past weekend, and I had to fly out to the Midwest on Monday for a family event. However, this trip to Chicago presented me with a great opportunity to record a video review with my good buddy Mike (aka @YoungBuckBOTL) from MikesStogies.com. Mike and I sat down at Casa De Montecristo, the first-rate B&M cigar shop located just outside Chicago at which where he works, and shot this video in the theater room of their impressive VIP lounge.

Casa recently hosted an event featuring industry stars Ernesto and Ernie Carrillo. Mike was lucky enough to get his hands on a few pre-release samples of the EP Carrillo Short Run 2012, which were passed out to customers who made box purchases at the event. There isn’t much information available about this cigar just yet, and we don’t even know what’s in the blend. In any case, this certainly didn’t stop us from lighting up and recording a first impressions video for you all to enjoy.

(Video length: 11:39)

Soundtrack: “I dunno” by grapes (courtesy of ccMixter.org)

All in all, the EP Carrillo Short Run 2012 was quite enjoyable, and both Mike and myself are looking forward to smoking many more when they’re released sometime next year.

Thanks again to Mike for being my personal chauffeur in and around Chicago for 48 hours, and for recording this joint video with me. And a special thank you goes to Casa De Montecristo for hosting us, as well as to its wonderful VIP lounge members for their generosity and camaraderie.

About Charlie:
Charlie has been enjoying cigars since 2000 and generally prefers a medium-bodied, full-flavored smoke. A USAF vet, he is currently pursuing a PhD in computer science, focusing on artificial intelligence and computational linguistics. Originally from Connecticut and now residing in Delaware, Charlie is also a fan of football, science fiction, political philosophy, and single malt scotch. You can contact Charlie on Twitter @greenbacker