Gurkha Cellar Reserve


A Note From Tom

Ed and I got together last weekend to review the Gurkha Cellar Reserve. It boasts 15 year aged tobacco, Criollo 1998 wrapper, Dominican Olor binder and a 15 year old Criollo, Nicaraguan filler. I know a lot of people slam Gurkha as simply an overpriced brand. I’ve been guilty of it myself. But Ed and I have reviewed a few Gurkha’s in the past and had good results. So naturally I was more than happy to try this one when Ed suggested it. Let’s just say the Cellar Reserve was a roller coaster. It was just OK sometimes, other times it was great, and I’d even call it “Ho-hum” at some points.

Check out our 24 minute review and see if it meets the $12.00 price tag. We ran a little long with some off topic banter, so light up a smoke and enjoy our monthly Stogie Review guest spot.