La Casita Criolla


The newly release La Casita Criolla has been the buzz in the online cigar world way before it was released at IPCPR. The all Connecticut broadleaf cigar interested many and perplexed others who weren’t quite sure if an all broadleaf cigar would work. Would the La Casita Criolla wbe one of those “too much of a good thing…?” I’ll admit I was skeptical myself. Broadleaf tobacco is a favorite wrapper of mine but I never paid much attention to its use as anything outside of a wrapper. Its hard to be original in the cigar industry and while I can’t say for certain if this is the first and only all Broadleaf cigar, but no others come to mind. The closes I can come to are the triple maduro blends out there like the CAO MX3 and Camacho Triple Maduro although those may not count since they use all different kinds of tobacco and not just a single type like broadleaf.

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If you watched our IPCPR Coverage this isn’t going to shock you. The La Casita Criolla is an early favorite for Cigar of The Year contention. Its unlike anything Pete has released before and truly stands out and stands above anything in the current arsenal of Tatuaje. Solid medium in strength but possesses a rich, deep, penetrating flavor profile. A slight peppery flavor creates a thin film on your palate giving a nice sensation. The La Casita Criolla is chock full of nuttiness, cedar and a dark, almost molasses flavor profile. Simple flavors from beginning to end but flavor that sure does satisfy the soul.

Production Note – Thank to Matt from for helping me fix the “popping” issue in Final Cut Pro X. I did however forget to apply the fix to the opening sequence (30 seconds) but after that, the audio should be clean.

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