Herf’n Heads – Featuring the Alec Bradley American Classic Blend

Alec Bradley American Classic - Sample - 1

Last week I put together a Week in Smoke. On that post I recieved a comment from Johnnyv saying that he was a big fan of the Week in Smoke series as well as Herf’n Heads. After that little pat on the back, I fired off a message to Mike to see if we could get together for a virtual herf. As it turns out, we were able to get together later that morning.

When Mike and I were covering Cigarfest 2011, I handed him an Alec Bradley American Classic Blend Sample and mentioned that we should do a Herf’n Heads or Joint First Impressions review of it at some point. We finally got to that cigar in this episode, a few months after the idea was presented.

While neither of us were overly fond of the cigar, we did manage to gab for nearly an hour and a half. We started off by discussing Mike’s recent mold problem, where he lost roughly thirty-seven cigars. From there we bounced around to my decision to pass on IPCPR this year and instead focus on local events such as Famous Cigar Expo and the Delaware Cigar Festival. We wound down the show with how I was now perceived as the Sotige Review Bad Boy by iTunes and how I managed to get us booted from the the public podcast listing. To close it out, we talked a bit about the cigars that we have smoked recently which impressed us.

As I mentioned earlier, Mike and I did a great deal of rambling this episode despite discussion topics being a little tough to come by. If you have something in mind you woud like to hear us discuss in a future episode, feel free to mention it in the comment section.