VegaFina – Toro

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I have for you this week a cigar that seems to have different bands at different places and that cigar is the VegaFina. I am hoping the blend is the same but I really have no idea why the bands are different. I am starting to think they are in the middle of a change in the design and some places have older and some newer.

Blend for this is an Ecuadorian Connecticut shade wrapper with an Indonesian TBN Binder and a filler that includes Columbian, Dominican and Honduran tobaccos.

This stick is a toro (6×50).

Starting off this stick has the Frankenstein look to it a bit and feels very velvety. Not much of a scent from the wrapper and the foot gives a mild sweet barnyard scent. Cold draw gives some pepper and a bit of sweet hay.

Lighting this up and can taste the pepper along with a tiny little bit of a floral taste. Smoke is very creamy and gives you a twang on the tongue on the aftertaste. Other than that it is mostly a natural tobacco taste as the flavor holding everything else together.

Halfway and the tastes are still pretty much the same. I do have a dull nutty taste that took over for the tobacco but other than that, the pepper is still there and that tiny bit of floral is also. Not a strong floral but almost like a fresh cooking spice floral.

Here at the end the cigar turns a little sour and bitter. This has happened on all 4 I have smoked now at around the 2 inch mark.

Flavors did not change except the bitter and sour so it is a real one dimensional smoke.

I enjoyed the pepper taste throughout till the end but the cigar is just a little boring and with the ending not being very good, it really lowers my opinion of the stick.

Would I buy it again? Maybe. I want to try some smaller ring gauges to see if they have the same problem towards the end of the cigar but I would not want to smoke anything this size or larger any more.

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