Rocky Patel Mulligans

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Welcome back to a super fast review of the Rocky Patel Mulligans cigar. I wanted to get something posted for today and since I have smoked over five of these sticks, this is the one that got picked.

You will notice in the video that I may not have a chance to finish the whole thing but like I said, these are pretty consistent and I am very positive I can go on previous ones for the last bits if needed.

Starting off, this cigar is a Holt’s exclusive . It is available in five sizes with the torpedo being backordered (how does an exclusive mistake cigar get backordered unless they are going to keep making them?) and the Fat Shot (6×60) is the one I am smoking right now

Appearance of the cigar is normal with nothing that really stands out. Most of these sticks are very nice looking and do not remind you of a bundle cigar at all, at least in the appearance.

Snipped the cap, lit it up and was met with a woody taste with a tiny bit of a spice.

Leather came in to the picture after a half an inch or so into the cigar.

Around the halfway point and the flavors are still pretty basic like in the beginning but more of a natural tobacco has come through. Still a decent cigar for the money but don’t expect a Fifteenth Anniversary in a <$3 stick. Coming down to a little past the bands and we have to go I am told. Best way to describe this would be to say it is a little plain. Main flavors travel throughout but never blossom in to something that envelops your palette with flavorful goodness. Easily a golf course cigar. Most people will shy away from this, especially those of you that can afford to smoke $8+ cigars 4+ times a day or those of you that only smoke a couple per week, but I would not hesitate to try some other sizes to find the sweet spot in the line to smoke. For a lower cost Rocky Patel it isn't bad. I still prefer the Cameroon Especial over this though. I apologize for the rushed look and feel of the video and writeup but the wife is off and we were running around (like I said above, I may not even be able to finish this cigar before we are off again), plus I do not have a set smoking room and recording in the living room while she is home just leads to disaster. I am trying to find a place to set up in the basement permanently so I will always have a place to record whether she is home or not.

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