Favorite Quick Smokes – TGT Edition

As you may have noticed from my Top 10 Cigars list to my weekly Week in Smoke posts I’ve become a fan of small sized, quick smokes. I thought I’d put together a quick list of some of my favorite quick smokes. These are cigars that range in size but are usually no more than 5 inches in length and around a 44 ring gauge, basically around your typical petite corona size. Whether its hot and humid or cold and windy or if you only have under an hour or so to spare, the list below (not in any particular order) are some of my favorite quick smokes when I’m in a time crunch.


Tatuaje Verocu #5 – Its hard to have a discussion about favorite quick smokes and not include the Verocu #5 and really the cigar that started me down this path. The Verocu #5 was my constant companion during the cold, windy, wet winter. Price friendly, exciting smoking characteristics, complex flavor profile and a cigar that has become a cigar that I can’t be without.


Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~ – I don’t smoke these as often as I use to. Probably pre-Verocu #5 days the Cuchillos Cubanos ~40~ was probably my go to quick smoke. Convenience, value and a balanced flavor profile that magically transitions from one flavor to another has me a believer. I don’t know how well these do when it comes to sales but I think Dion has a sleeper in his stables.

La Riqueza #5 – La Riqueza is probably the most underrated line in Pete Johnson’s arsenal of cigars. This is the #5 which I think is the same size as the Verocu #5 (my cigar of the year). Beautiful Connecticut Broadleaf Wrapper with a balanced flavor profile and body. The richness really pops in the small #5 format. If you see the La Riqueza #5, give it a try. Available in cabinet boxes of 50, its a must have in my humidor.

J Fuego Origen Original - Soft Pack

J.Fuego Origen Originals – The J.Fuego Origen Original was probably the cigar that put a spotlight on small format cigars. I know I really didn’t pay much attention to them until Jesus introduced them with their unique packaging. Flavor intense, parent friendly format and easy on the wallet. They may be ugly, and they may be crude, but these little cigars are a great smoke.


El Perrito War of Flavors – I recently reviewed the El Perrito and said how I thought it was better than the Origen Originales. I still stand by that statement just didn’t think I’d make Brian Hewitt cry. Similar to the above Origen Originales as far as not using a mold but the El Perrito has little more depth and assortment of flavors with a full body characteristic that sneaks up on you.


K.A. Kendall 7-20-4 Dog Walker – The above image is courtesy of our friend and fellow blogger Craig Vanderslice of CigarCraig.com. Surprisingly we haven’t reviewed the Dog Walker size yet on Stogie Review even though its been a staple in my humidor since last year. I recently discovered that I was actually all out of them which I will have to rectify shortly. A beautiful intense cedar flavor with an amazing burn line and bouquet of aromas.


La Aurora Corojo #4 – Maybe a stretch to but the La Aurora Corojo #4 in this category as it takes a little more than 40-45 minutes to smoke. The La Aurora Corojo didn’t get the attention and fanfare that it deserved coming out of IPCPR. I’ve been telling anyone who will listen that I think this is one of the best cigars to be released from the show. A B&M exclusive with a great price point that you can enjoy in under an hour.

Man O’War Puro Authentico – Hey if the Puro Authentico is good enough for AJ Fernandez to enjoy every day then who am I to argue with that? Love the size, love its bold peppery and nicotine flavors linger for forever, love the nuttiness that dominates the palate, love the soft delicate woody and coffee notes. I love it all. Similar to the La Aurora Corojo, its a stretch to put it into this category as this burns on the slow side but technically its a petite corona so.

La Flor Dominicana Cheroot – I’ve only been fortunate enough to smoke the La Flor Dominicana Cheroot a handful of occasions. Walt actually hooked me up with my first one but during my travels I’ve be lucky enough to acquire a couple more here and there. Full blown power and full blown, although a bit delicate, flavors makes the LFD Cheroot one worthy of tracking down. Not friendly on the wallet at around $8-9 if you can find them.


Tatuaje Noella Reserva – The “Little Monster” is how Pete describes the Noella Reserva. One of the more memorable reviews for me as I can still remember this flavor bomb. Again a little stretch to make this list as its on the other side of an hour to smoke but damn. No list from me of petite coronas would be complete if I didn’t have the Noella Reserva on the list. If I could go back in time I would’ve picked up more than one box of these. Flavor bomb!

There you have it! My list of Favorite Quick Smokes. Is this the “be all, end all” of quick smokes? Of course not but its my list and I’m sure I left one of two out that I smoke but as I type this, these are the ones that came to mind. I hope you enjoy the list as much I had putting it together. Hopefully I may have even mentioned one you’ve never heard of.