Nica Libre Principe – First Impressions

Nica Libre Principe First Impressions - main.jpg

Welcome to another of my first impressions videos where i give you the low down on a cigar that I have not smoked any more than three of.

This week it is the Nica Libre Principe cigar available from CI.

This cigar is available in five sizes and at prices under $3 a stick.

This Nica Libre Principe starts off with a little bit of a hay taste with a background of chocolate. Some of the chocolate is sweet and some is bittersweet. I will mention the draw is very open and the cigar seems to get warm a good ways from the burn line. I am hoping this does not develop into a bitter taste later on.

Towards the end the bitterness did come in to play a little bit but not as much as you would think due to the cigar heating up. I may have to take the blame for this as the cigar did seem to smoke very fast so I should have slowed down.

Most prominent taste was the chocolate that seemed to change between the sweet and bittersweet the whole time. This may be due to the heat in the cigar also.

All in all it was a decent smoke. I do not know if I would go so far as to compare it to a Padron or not, since i have not had man Padron cigars but it was a nice smoke for the medium to full crowd.

I could see keeping some of these on hand for times I want a stronger smoke with a pleasant flavor at a low cost.

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