Sam Leccia announces “Debut”

Sam Leccia at Kensington - 1Earlier this week I was browsing through Facebook updates when I came across an interesting teaser from Rob Heming, host of the Blowin’ Smoke Podcast. Rob said that a source informed him that Sam Leccia would be making an annoucement the following day regarding his return to the cigar industry.

Since Sam’s departure from Oliva, he has been pretty quiet. As the months passed, Sam began updating Facebook and Twitter here and there. By dipping his toes back into the social media cigar industry pool, I kind of expecting to see an announcement at some point.

Just as Rob stated on Facebook, Sam released a Press Release announcing his return to the cigar industry. In the press release, we learn that Sam’s new cigar will be the “Debut”. The cigar is a twist of tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras, Ecuador, and Santo Domingo. Debut will be available in three sizes which include a Double Rob (60 x 5.00), Double Church (60 x 7.00), and a Figurado (52 x 6.50).

Unfortunately, the Sam Leccia Cigar Co. press release only gives us a peek into what is to come. I’d love to get a general idea of release date, who is manufacturing the product, MSRP, and how the Debut will be distributed, but all of that information isn’t available at this time.

Ask The Readers

What do you think about Sam Leccia’s return to the cigar industry? Will you be seeking out the Sam Leccia Cigar Co. “Debut” when it hits stores?