La Reloba Seleccion Mexico


The La Reloba line has introduced last year in 2010 consisting of two varieties; Habano and Sumatra. I’m not sure when the La Reloba Seleccion Mexico was released but it caught my attention when I was visiting Habana House Cigars in Austin TX so I had to pick up a fiver to try and review. The La Reloba Seleccion Mexico uses the same Nicaraguan binder and filler as the other two lines but features a San Andreas wrapper from Mexico. Mexican tobacco doesn’t usually rate very high with me and I usually frown when but I’ve had a lot of success recently that I’m rethinking my stance.

With a $5.99 price tag the La Reloba Seleccion Mexico has an attractive price tag to go along with its eye catching band. The signature Pepin spice is noted when you first light up. Nothing over the top and it fades within the first inch. After that, the La Reloba Seleccion Mexico is one dimensional sporting a core cedar flavor throughout. One dimensional isn’t necessarily a bad thing but considering that this is a Pepin blended cigar, I was expecting a little more complexity. Solid medium bodied and medium strength with an attractive price tag make the La Reloba Seleccion Mexico worthy of picking up a fiver to try and see how it goes for you.