H Upmann Sun Grown – Magnum

H Upmann Sun Grown - main.jpg

Wrapper : Ecuadorian Sun Grown
Binder : Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler : Honduran and Nicaraguan
Source : bought myself using pennies I saved

For your enjoyment this Saturday, I bring you the H Upmann Sun Grown cigar in the Magnum size.

This cigar was introduced at IPCPR in 2010 and comes in six sizes, Churchill (7 x 54), Magnum (6 x 54), Short Churchill (4 1/2 x 54), No. 2 (6 1/8 x 52), Corona (5 1/2 x 44), and a Lancero (7 1/2 x 40).

I have only smoked the Magnum size as that was all my local shop had.


Waiting for the clock to strike so I can record this review I notice the cigar feels very firm with no soft spots and a nice chocolate brown coloring. Sniffing on the outside I get a very sweet smelling chocolate while the foot gives me more of a bittersweet chocolate scent.

Snip the head, fire up the torch and off we go.

First Third

Starting off with this H Upmann Sun Grown Magnum cigar and the first thing I get off the cigar is a woody taste mixed with natural tobacco and a slight spice in the background.

Predominate flavor in this first third has been the woody taste. Towards the end of the first third I started to pick up some sweetness but it was pretty subtle. Spice is still there, more through the sinus’ than anything.

I did pick up a little bitterness but it was on the aftertaste and it just pin pricked the back of my tongue and made my throat feel dry. I hope this doesn’t continue as that little burst of bitter taste really ruined the milder flavors.

Cigar is mild right now.

Second Third

Heading into the second third of this H Upmann Sun Grown in the Magnum size and I have still been getting a little of that sweetness that reared it’s head at the end of the first third. I hope the nice sweetness keeps picking up as we go through the rest of the cigar.

Most of the flavor in this second third is still the woody taste but the spice has picked up a little bit. There is still a subtle sweetness there but you really have to pay attention to the cigar to find it. I have not gotten any more of that bitter taste on my tongue but the dryness at the back of the tongue and throat is still there.

Biggest surprise to this cigar was how the body went from a mild to a medium pretty quickly. This happened in every one I smoke where around the halfway mark the body seemed to get into the medium range within a few puffs. Just an interesting thing. I am curious if anyone else notices this or if I am just a crazy person.

Final Third

Alas we are at the final third of this H Upmann Sun Grown in the Magnum size. It really hasn’t changed from the end of the second third till now so we will see how it progresses.

In this final third I picked up a bit of leather working its way in. I have noticed this on other ones but it seems to come in at different points. Notes on one of them say it was around the start of the second third that I noticed it.

Main flavor profile was still woody with a bit of leather and the spice seemed to pick up a bit more towards the end. All of the sweetness seemed to have left.


It seems pretty easy to round out the cigar with a major woody profile and a couple other flavors mixed in. There are not many changes, except the body noted above, but the cigar smokes very well, the ash holds on a for a nice 1.5-2 inches and it is enjoyable.

Would I buy it again? yes. I doubt I would grab a box unless I wanted to age them but a 5 pack here and there to smoke would do me rel good. Come to think of it, a box purchase may be better so I would have them for a nice long time.

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