Studio Tobac All Maduro Concept Blend – ST/DS-001

ST DS 001 - Studio Tobac - 1

Up for review today is another cigar that can be found in the Studio Tobac Tour Sampler (Cain F Lancero, Cain FF, Nub San Andreas Maduro, Cain Daytona, and ST/DS-001), in the ST/DS-001. Like previos cigars in this series of reviews, I recieved these sticks as a member of the Studio Tobac Advisroy Board.

When I first opened my letter and began reading over the listed cigars, I was torn when it came to the ST/DS-001. The concept of an all maduro blend appealed to me but at the same time it felt kind of tired. With the success of the CAO MX3 and Camacho Triple Maduro, and the release of the A. Turret Tripple Play, the idea of a new all maduro didn’t exactly cause a stir of excitement. For this reason, I left the ST/DS-001 as the last cigar to smoke from my sampler.

Crossing my fingers and hoping for a save the best for last scenario, I sat down and began the review process. Upon inspection, the wrapper appeared dry with a toothy texture, giving the cigar a very rugged appearance. The seam spiraling down the cigar was pronounced and medium sized veins were present. The cap appeared to be lifting in one spot and did not extend much past the shoulder. When handled, the cigar had a good bit of heft to it and appeared to be well packed.

After a quick clip with my Palio, I set flame to foot and got smoking. I was impressed by the smoke density and volume. The body was a solid medium throughout and the finish was smooth. The aroma on the retrohale was the single most impressive aspect of this cigar. I was able to pick out a wood and peaty tone with a bit of black peppercorn. Unfortunately, these aromas did not translate to flavor across the palate and left the taste being rather flat.

Even with my fingers crossed, I set the cigar down disappointed. While the aromas were interesting, the cigar didn’t really do anything for me. I’m not even sure that I enjoyed this stick as much as the Nub San Andreas Maduro, which was my least favorite of the earlier samples.