Prometheus Retro Lighter

Prometheus Retro Lighter - 1

Back in August, Brian, Jerry, and I were fortunate enough to attend IPCPR. While doing press coverage, we stopped over at the Prometheus Booth and were given a product tour by Keith Park. Like years past, the booth was a beautiful display of accessories and cigars, many of which I would have loved to take home with me.

The one stand out item this year was the Prometheus Retro Lighter. From the moment I saw Keith activate the torch flame, I knew I wanted one. We talked a bit about getting our hands on one to review after the show but it slipped our minds. Keith and I got to talking recently about some products to give away when the Retro Lighter came to mind and I shamelessly asked for one. Keith was happy to provide one for review as well as a couple of other items as contest prizes.

Hands down, the best thing about this lighter is the cool factor. I can’t get enough of the flint activation and find myself reaching for it just to see it ignite. The slim design is also a nice perk in that it takes up very little pocket real estate. Much like other Prometheus products (most notably, the Prometheus Cutter Y), this product has a glossy surface that is a fingerprint and dust magnet.

Because I was afraid of scratching it, I avoided tossing the lighter into my pants pocket along with my car keys and loose change. I’m unsure if there is some sort of sheath available to protect it, so I opted to leave it on a table next to my ashtray rather than tote it around with me. Even relegated to the table, it has seen a fair amount of use and has worked without issue (The ignitor getting stuck in the video seems to be a fluke and has not happened since).

Even having a slim design, the fuel tank seems to hold enough fluid to lighter a good number of cigars (I never did keep track but it was in excess of a dozen). The single flame is thin and feels very accurate, making quick work of small ring gauge cigars. Larger sticks require a bit more time, and as a result, the case gets a bit hot. The reason for this seems to be how low the single jet is placed within the case.

With a price point of roughly $75.00, this lighter is not inexpensive, but I love it. The cool factor has me reaching for it every time I light up while in my office. If there were a protective case available, I would take this lighter everywhere I went.


Like I mentioned earlier in this article, Keith Park was nice enough to send along a couple of prizes for us to give away on Stogie Review. The first of those prizes is a Angelenos Sampler (As seen in the video) which includes four Angelenos Cigars and an Angelenos Table Torch. To win, head to the comment section and tell us about your favorite lighter.

Contest is open until April 1, 2011. One entry per person. If you are a member of the Stogie Review Fan Forum, please include your username and you will receive two entries. A winner will be selected at random.