A. Turrent Triple Play – Gran Toro

Triple Play - main.jpg

Wrapper : San Andres Morron
Binder : Connecticut Broadleaf
Filler : Nicaraguan, San Andres and Honduran
Source : bought at local shop

Welcome back to my little corner of the galaxy and this weeks review of the A. Turrent Triple Play in the Gran Toro size. Today’s review is a little special because I believe it is only one of three cigars made with maduro used for wrapper, binder, and filler. Of course the other 2 are the Camacho Triple Maduro and the CAO MX3.

This cigar is available in 5 sizes, Gran Toro (6 x 60), Short Belicoso (4 x 60), Belicoso (6 1/8 x 54), Toro (6 x 54) and a Robusto (4 1/2 x 50).

Pricing for me locally was $5.85 for the Gran Toro and online pricing is around $144 for a box of 21.


There is not a lot to say for the pre light of this A. Turrent Triple Play because there was hardly any scent on the wrapper or foot other than a slight, very slight, chocolate and tobacco note.

On the pre-light draw there was a slight chocolate and wood taste.

Clipped the cap, torched it up, away we go.

First Half

Starting out the A. Turrent Triple Play and it seems to be mild while giving me a chocolaty taste with a hint of cardboard right at the beginning.

At the end of the first half I was getting a slight chocolate along with the cardboard taste. There was a bit of spice that lasted around a quarter inch of the cigar then fell way into the background. There were not many flavors that I would call, clean, but most have been muddied with something else that took away from the nice chocolate, sweetness, or even spice. The sweetness i was tasting may have been associated with a coffee but with it not being a clean taste, I really had a hard time discerning it from others.

Body at this point would be medium but is not strong at all either in flavors or body.

Second Half

Rounding out this A. Turrent Triple Play with this final half starting off a medium body and ending up in the full range but not overpowering.

I was disappointed in how much of the flavor dropped off and the bitterness that came into play. I could taste a slight chocolate taste but the bitter factor just overshadowed that and made it unenjoyable.

The cardboard taste from the beginning also changed into a standard wood flavor towards the end but did nothing to excite me about this cigar.


Camacho Triple Maduro is a ton better. I never had the MX3 so I can not say on that cigar.

That about sums it up for me. I will not be buying more of these and if someone would gift me one, I think I would leave it in the humidor for a nice long time to see if it gets any better with age on it.

I hope others have smoked these and can comment about their experience.

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