Savoy – Vertical Tasting

Wrapper : Ecuadorian
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : cuban sandwich Nicaraguan
Source : bought at local store

Hello everyone. I am going to do something unique this week and do a vertical tasting that is spread out through the weekend. I have the Savoy cigars in Corona (5.5 x 44), Churchill (7 x 48) and Robusto (5 x 50) that I will smoke and update this post. I am hoping to smoke one each day this weekend and then this will be finished up on Sunday. I may have a video at the end to wrap it up, I am not sure yet.


First up is the corona size which cost me $1.75 locally.

Wrapper looks almost stained like wood with raised dark spots and lower light spots. Amazingly strong chocolate liquor scent from the foot and just a bit from the wrapper. Almost smells infused that is how strong the scent is.

Snipped the cap and was met with a draw that is tighter than I like. Still smokable but in a bigger ring gauge I would have ran the poker down the middle to open it up.

Starting off and I am met with a basic tobacco flavor that is really dry tasting. I am not getting anything else from the cigar at this point.

I wanted to let everyone know that I have been taking my pain pills so if this first cigar is way off from the other 2 I will be smoking, I will come back and re-review this first size once I get more.

Clock chimed 2:00 – I did not want you to feel slighted with no video to play music and bong at you.

Getting a tangy taste at the back of my tongue and throat at about the halfway point of the cigar. It is really not going well as this even covers the tobacco taste up.

I wonder where that chocolate liquor taste from the foot went!

Only other thing that happened as I smoked more of the cigar is the harshness rose up in volume and made the cigar really awful to try and finish. I think I left about 2 inches in the ashtray and am not sorry about that.


On to our second Savoy in the churchill size which cost me a mind blowing $2.25 locally. I spare no expense to bring you these reviews week in and week out.

As you read above, I was not impressed at all with the corona so I do not have high hopes for this one either but I will keep an open mind.

Starting out I get mainly a tobacco scent form the wrapper and the foot with nothing else.

Snipped the cap and was met with another tight draw and more of the tobacco taste.

Lighting up this Savoy was relatively easy but the taste profile is very lacking at the beginning. I get mainly earth, tobacco and a musty taste. We are not looking too good so far.

I am about halfway through my Savoy churchill and although it is very plain tasting, it is not getting harsh like the corona did. At least not yet.

I still get the earthy taste along with the natural tobacco and nothing else. I almost want to sprinkle some pepper on it to give it a bit of something to catch my attention.

I have had no burn problems at all but still have the tighter draw that I just do not care for.

Well I will tell you, I nubbed this size. I did not get any of the harshness that the corona gave me.

I liked this size the best so far but it is still a very low cost budget smoke. It did not have variances in thirds it stayed pretty one dimensional throughout with the earth and tobacco taste.

Stay tuned for the robusto size coming today or tomorrow.


Welcome back to the final installment of this Savoy vertical tasting with the robusto which cost me $2.00.

I am getting he chocolate liquor scent off the wrapper and foot of this one like i did the corona size. Maybe i did not pick my nose well enough and there was blockage when I sniffed the churchill.

Snipped the cap, lit right up. I am greeted with a more open draw than either of the previous ones but still not much in the flavor department.

Here at the beginning i am getting the mostly earthy taste with the natural tobacco in the background. I am also getting a slight spice from this one. It is a nice change from the other 2 since it is at least something different.

Here at the halfway point I am still mostly getting the earthy taste with just a slight taste of spice. I have not had to relight or touch up so the burn is really going well.

Same as the others so far, one dimensional. We shall see how it finishes out.

At the end. Oh how I will miss these times we have had together. Wait, no i wont.

Well I started getting more harshness towards the end but the cigar was putting out tons of smoke. Flavors did not change at all and kept with the earthy tobacco and just a hint of spice.


I would have to say to steer away from these Savoy cigars. I did not care for any of them, even for a yard-gar.

I think the harshness at the end turned me off along with the plain taste the whole way through. I liked the body of the smoke, with it staying in the mild range but the lack of flavor really put me off.

If you want to give them a try, at least they will not set you back very much money but I do not recommend it.