Nick’s Sticks Connecticut – Churchill

Wrapper : Nicaraguan
Binder : Nicaraguan
Filler : Nicaraguan
Source : local store with my wife’s money


Welcome to this week’s review of the Nick’s Sticks Connecticut churchill. This cigar has some fun history and you should head over to Perdomo’s website to take a gander.

As some of you know, I have been fighting the flu since last Wednesday/Thursday. I was feeling like someone ran me over with a steamroller and then decided to throw me in a wood chipper, just so they could sew me back together and do it all over again. So with that in mind, this is a written review from my notes on the previous ones I have smoked, since I still do not have my taste back enough to do anything on camera.

Upon opening the cello I am greeted with a nice silky feeling connecticut shade wrapper that has very minimal veins running through it. Sniffing on the wrapper and I get a mostly hay scent with a bit of barnyard on the foot.

Lighting up is very easy and we are puffing away.


I was a little surprised at this cigar. I have had a couple of these before and I was always met with a creamy mild-medium smoke. These last ones I have had have been very harsh tasting throughout the cigar. I do not know if it is an aging thing or if maybe I got these out of a bad box but none the less, keep that in mind if you purchase some and get he same harshness as I am.

Basic flavor profile on these where I am getting mostly a hay taste with a bit of woody notes and natural tobacco. Really keeps that same flavor profile throughout the cigar with nothing changing very much except the body building ever so slightly towards the end. Even with the building up it may venture to a lower end medium but that is about it.

I have had no burn problems the whole way through any of the ones I have smoked so it is nice not to need to keep the lighter handy for constant touch ups.


Wrapping up the entire series of the Nick’s Sticks and I have to say I preferred the sun grown the most. I might change my opinion back to the connecticut if that harshness was just a product of needing age or was just a bad batch but for now, the sun grown gets my vote.

I really had fun doing a taste comparison between these and am curious which one you like the best.

Hope everyone has a Merry Christmas and I will be back next week, hopefully, with a video review!