Casa de Garcia Connecticut

Casa de Garcia - main.jpg

Wrapper : Connecticut
Binder : Connecticut
Filler : Dominican and Honduran
Source : bought from local store

Here we are once again, this time with a review of the Casa de Garcia, a budget stick. These are available in five sizes and three wrapper choices, which I go over in the video.

You should be able to get these sticks for about $1 a piece, $1.50 at the most. Most of them tend to be constructed decent but you will find some with a hard draw or burn issues from time to time. Flavor profiles change between sticks also, with most of them giving a base nutty flavor with a bit of pepper and spice. Some of the sticks I smoked gave a lot more pepper than others, so be forewarned, they are not all exactly the same. All of them are mild bodied with a mild-medium flavor, unless you get that super pepper kick.

As a budget stick, I was impressed. I have not found another cigar at around $1 that I have liked as well. I will definitely be picking some more of these Casa de Garcia‘s up to keep around. I also mentioned in the video I would like to try all the sizes and wrapper choices. At $1 a piece you would be looking at $250 to try them all. Not bad in my book.

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