Pinar Del Rio Value Line Reserve – torpedo

PDRVLR - main.jpg

Origin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Connecticut
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican mixed filler
Source : Thompson Cigar with my own money

I have a cigar for you today that seems to be a Thompson Cigar exclusive, the Pinar Del Rio Value Line Reserve. These cigars are available in three sizes on Thompson’s website, Churchill (7×50), Toro (6×52), Torpedo (6 1/2x 52). Pricing for these goes from $32.95 to $34.95.


Starting off this Pinar Del Rio Value Line Reserve torpedo by taking a whiff of the wrapper and I get mostly a grassy and hay scent. At the foot it is mostly hay.

Wrapper is very “rustic” looking.

After cutting I am getting a free draw that should provide a very nice smoke as we burn through it.

First Half

As I put the torch to the end of this Pinar Del Rio Value Line Reserve I notice it lights up very easily and the draw is like I expected, pretty free. Nothing very exciting about the first few puffs, just a bit of a woody tobacco taste.

Rounding out the first half it was mainly the woody taste with a bit of spice and veggie aftertaste.

Not really a whole lot to say other than that. Burn was fine with no touch ups needed although the cigar does seem to be getting a bit warm already.

Second Half

Hopping into the last half of my Pinar Del Rio Value Line Reserve and so far the predominate taste is the woodiness with a bit of spice. You also get the natural tobacco taste in there but I focus more on the other flavors.

Last two inches of the cigar have been getting bitter and I am going to lay it down at about the inch to inch and a half mark.

Predominate flavors again were the wood and a bit of spice with the veggie taste present every so often.


My conclusion on the Pinar Del Rio Value Line Reserve is that is is an okay cigar. There is nothing that will wow you or make you switch from your higher end sticks but it is a nice little time filler or a smoke you can have for under $1.50. If money is no object you would probably steer clear of this stick anyway but for those of us with limited incomes and like to smoke a few cigars a day this is not a bad choice.

I will be keeping some in my humidor, I just wish more places would have them available.

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