Declaration “The Reason” by Jameson Cigar Co (First Impressions)

Jameson Cigar Co - Declaration - 1

In my First Impressions Review of the Casa Gomez Maduro, I made mention that Brian, Jerry, and I paid a visit to Loren Gomez, Benny Gomez, and Brad Mayo during IPCPR. While there we collected the Jameson Cigar Company contribution to the Twitter Brothers of the Leaf Cocktail Hour Press Kit.

Having smoked the Declaration in the past, I was curious what the new larger ring gauge would offer to the blend. Knowing that it would be relatively mild, I smoked it as a first cigar of the day, paired with a cup of coffee.

The video below runs roughly five-minutes and outlines my first impression of the Declaration “The Reason”. Please keep in mind that this review is based on a single sample obtained at IPCPR. Storage conditions at the trade show were less than ideal and may result in my experience being wildly different than one based on a store-bought sample.