Cortez (First Impressions)

Cortez - 1

During the Twitter Brothers of the Leaf Cocktail Hour, I had the opportunity to talk to some friends and meet a variety of new people. While making the rounds to distribute product, I was handed two cigars and a business card. While I don’t recall who handed me the sticks, which I apologize for, I stuck them in my press kit to try after returning home. The cigars were branded Cortez. One was a natural and the other was a Maduro.

Up until recently I had never had any experience with the line but have heard good things via Twitter. My first experience with Cortez product has been recorded below. As I have done with all of these IPCPR sample reviews, I must warn you that smoking a single sample, in my opinion, is far from what it takes to judge a cigar fairly. Please keep that in mind as you view the review and be aware that your experience could be for better or worse.