Aeolus Cigar Spear

Aeolus Cigar Spear - 1

A few weeks ago I received an email from our good friend Mark Neff over at Cigarmony. Mark asked if I would be interesting in taking a look at a new product he was carrying and potentially reviewing it. I was more than happy to check it out and a few days later I had my hands on an Aeolus Cigar Spear.

The Aeolus Cigar Spear is a hand made cigar accessory that works just as the name implies. It is used to spear your cigar in the event that you have a plugged stick. The spear works like many other draw pokers on the market with one key difference. Instead of using a straight piece of wire to ream out the filler, the Aeolus Cigar Spear has a sort-of serrated section near the tip. It looks much like a ring-shank nail and helps cut away the tobacco instead of simply pushing it aside as it travels down the filler.

By pushing the cigar spear in and out of the cigar the serrated edge works kind of like a file and cuts away a bit of tobacco. After a few strokes, you remove the tool to clear out the serrations and go back to work, if need-be. In practically every instance in which I used my cigar spear, my plugged cigar went from terrible to tolerable. While this tool does do a great deal to loosen up the draw, it does not make a cigar smoke like it was made properly to begin with.

The problem I have with all tools of this kind is that they create a tunnel down the length of the cigar. This creates a draw that is airy and less dense than it should be. The tunnel also seems to insulate the heat from the burning foot and carry it to your mouth, which often leads to a hot-spot on the tongue.

While the Aeolus Cigar Spear is the best draw correction tool I have used to date, it carries with it a hefty price. All four finishes carry a price of $89.95 each. I can understand the pricing as the tools are hand crafted, but even so, I still got sticker shock when I laid eyes on them.

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