PDR 1878 Cubano Especial (First Impressions)

PDR 1878 - 1

A few weeks ago, Mike and I were fortunate enough to attend the 2010 Cigarfest. While there we had the opportunity to speak with a number of manufacturers. One of those manufacturers is one that I’ve talked to on a number of occasions, Abe Flores of Pinar del Rio.

We bumped into Abe as he was making his way across the show floor prior to the event starting and we got to talking. Before long he was digging through his bag and handed me two of his newest creations, the PDR 1878. He smiled and told me to let him know what I thought of it and left it at that.

At first glance I assumed that the dark oily wrapper was hiding a full throttle blend to compete with others on the market. I fell into a typical cigar misconception of judging a cigars strength and power by its presentation. As a result, I smoked it a couple of weeks later as a last cigar of the day. Unfortunately, put in that position the cigar performed poorly and I found it remarkably mild and ill-fitting of the situation.

When I talked to Abe later on Facebook, he got a laugh out of it and told me that it was designed to be a medium bodied stick. With that added knowledge, I made a point to then smoke my second sample as a first cigar of the day. In that situation, the stick performed far better.

Check out the video below to see how my second test drive of the PDR 1878 went. The video quality os lower this time around because I was test shooting in my new office (which is nearly completed) with my Flipcam. The video runs roughly thirteen-minutes. After you are finished watching, head down to the comments section and give us your thoughts on the new line by Pinar del Rio.