Cain F Nub (First Impressions)

Cain F Nub - 1

While working around the house I glanced up at the clock and had an “Oh Crap” moment. I was loosing daylight and hadn’t realized my painting project had taken much longer than anticipated and we were lacking a post for today. Growing weary, I cleaned out my paint roller and dashed off for a cigar to record a quick review.

Wanting something to make an impact in my long day, I reached for one of my two Cain F Nub cigars. Both sticks were given to me by Sam Leccia. The first was from an event at Kensington Tobacconist and the second was during Cigarfest. Armed with too few samples to be comfortable doing a full blown review, and a limited amount of time, I opted to do a down and dirty First Impressions review (literally down and dirty, my hands were speckled with white paint)

If you aren’t familiar with the Cain F Nub, it is a marriage between the Cain and Nub lines of cigars, both produced by Oliva and a products of the imagination of Sam Leccia. These cigars, from what I understand, are only available at the Cain events scheduled throughout the year and come in a sample box given out as an incentive to buy a box of either Nub or Cain.

Not having had great success with the Cain Maduro and Habano, I didn’t have high hopes for this cigar. Even though I have a few Cain F cigars floating around, I had yet to try one. To my surprise, I enjoyed the Cain F Nub much more than I did the standard Cain line.

Check out the video below, which runs roughly fifteen minutes, for my paint speckled opinion of the Cain F Nub. When you finish with the video, head down to the comments section and give us your thought on the marriage between Cain and Nub in the new Cain F Nub.