Arganese Uno Puro

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Origin : Dominican Republic
Wrapper : Dominican Republic
Binder : Dominican Republic
Filler : Dominican Republic
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Today’s smoke is the Arganese Uno Puro. As the name suggests, it is a pure Dominican Republic cigar. This cigar is said to be slightly infused with cognac and most places online i find it, it also comes in individual coffins. For this cigar there is only one size, 6.0 x 60.

I purchased these on March, 5th, 2010 from a sale that had and I paid $15.90 for the 10 I bought, total. After doing some research for this review, I see these cigars listed as high as $73 for a box of 5 in individual coffins. I received mine without the coffin, so I am not sure if there is any difference or not. Maybe these were seconds, the coffins were damaged, or maybe they just removed them to save on the weight of shipping. I really do not know.

I also checked’s website and I can no longer find these cigars for sale. Maybe it was a big clearance?

So with that full disclosure above, I may have a different impression than you have had due to mine not being sealed in the coffins.


Let’s take a gander at this Arganese Uno Puro. First thing I notice is how I really like the color of the wrapper. You can see differences in the chocolate brown wrapper where it almost looks like it has some black streaks in it. Very nice looking.

Sniffing the cigar, the predominant scent I get is cedar and on this one a bit of pepper comes through.

Sparking up this cigar takes a little bit of work, probably because of the size but we get her lit up and smoking.

First Third

First couple of draws on my Arganese Uno Puro do not give a whole lot of smoke but we will see how this progresses.

Well this first third is not going very well. I have been having burn problems and cracking from the start. I am really only getting that subtle sweetness and a woodsy/cedary taste. I believe this is because of how much work I have to do to keep the cigar going.

I mention in the video that it seemed like someone left a chunk of wood in the cigar. That is the best way I can describe how awful the burn is on the one side of the cigar. Black as coal ash is also on that side while the rest of the cigar has almost a pure white ash.

I really do not think the ones that come in coffin are this way as I doubt they would have received any sort of top 10 honor placement like they did in 2008.

Second Third

Starting into the second third of my Arganese Uno Puro and it is more of the same. Touch-ups and re-lights abound due to my lovely chunk on the one side of the cigar.

Nothing has changed in the second third except I am picking up more of a bitterness to the smoke. Still getting the subtle sweetness and woody taste.

Burn is just plain horrible. It doesn’t veer off and canoe or anything, but the one side just will not keep going. I think I have relit this cigar at least 4 times and touched it up no less than 8 times, just to try and keep this review going.

Final Third

Here we are into the final third of my Arganese Uno Puro and I am praying to the cigar gods that it will just stay lit. If I would not be doing a review, I would have put this down a while ago.

Well I ended this cigar a lot earlier than I normally do but I just could not keep the thing lit.

I was getting the same flavors with a little more bitterness towards the end, which could have come from the multiple re-lights and touch-ups.


I can honestly say this Arganese Uno Puro was one of the most difficult cigars I have ever smoked. It should have been pitched a lot earlier than I did, but I tried to make it work. Every one of the 9 I have smoked have had these same type of problems.

Like I said in the video, I can not say if the cigar is a total waste or not because I have never had any that came in the actual coffin. I will say, if you find these without the coffin, I would be very leery about buying them, no matter the cost.

I hope someone out there has had these that came in the coffins and can tell me if they act the same way or not. Please let me a comment and let me know.

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