Rocky Patel Decade Edicion Limitada Robusto

Just when you thought Brian has reviewed every limited release that has hit the shop shelves in the past six months, I surprise you with another. This time around it’s a special edition from the perpetually prolific Rocky Patel. One released with surprisingly little fanfare. I first became aware of the cigar when it appeared on the shelf at my local shop maybe a month ago, and I haven’t heard much about it since. Which makes it a great candidate for the Tower of Burn. Also, it helps that one of the good people at Rocky Patel offered to send me some to review.

The Decade Edicion Limitada, from what I understand, is essentially the Rocky Patel Decade binder and filler with a maduro wrapper. What makes it a limited edition is that only 250 boxes of each size (robutso, toro and torpedo) were created, and released to a small number of cigar shops. But even more interesting, its maduro wrapper is very similar to the the one used on the popular Winter 2009 seasonal blend. I was told that “it’s from the same place” but it “is not the same.” Additionally, it has been aged for five years which may make it older than the leaf used for the Winter 2009. But enough speculation, let’s see how it burns.

Cigar Stats:
Size: 5 1/2 x 52
Wrapper: 5 year old Pennyslvania Broadleaf Maduro
Binder: Nicaragua
Filler: Nicaragua
Smoking Time: 1 3/4 hours
Beverage: Water
Source: Sample or Gift
Price: MSRP $10.60

The Pre-Smoke
If you somehow missed the Edicion Limitada footband, the very dark, oily and somewhat toothy wrapper leaf would clue you in that these aren’t your average Rocky Patel Decade cigars. As you pick up a few and take a closer look, you’ll also realize these aren’t box-pressed either. Also noteworthy is that they have a couple surprisingly thick, flattened-looking veins running the length of each stick. And if you’ve got a keen eye, you’ll probably find a few holes in the wrapper. I found at least one on all but one cigar I smoked for this review.

The cigars were very firm, nearly rock-hard under the top two bands, and the scent of the wrapper was surprisingly light, given the the cigars dark, oily appearance. I picked up an aromatic compost. The cold draw tasted a little like cocoa and raisins.

The Burn
The burn properties of the Decade Edicion Limitada were pretty good. The lighter grey ash was solid and resilient, the burn line strayed a bit and required a little lighter action once or twice, but was never that bad. Given the thickness of the wrapper, I was a little surprised I didn’t have more trouble. And also very important, the draw was consistently good. Overall, this cigar turns to ash very nicely.

The Flavor
The Decade Edicion Limitada got right down to business with a full-bodied assortment of flavors as soon as I started puffing on it. In the first third I noted a lot of dark chocolate and coffee, as well as a little bit of raisin and caramel and some slightly charry wood.

Around the beginning the second third, the cigar was a little more earthy and woody. There were still coffee elements and the chocolate had more of a bittersweet bite to it. A little later, pepper began to appear.

I was a little surprised when the Decade once again offered up creamy, slightly sweeter coffee to usher in the final third, before returning to the the fuller earth, chocolate, pepper and wood that had been dominate previously.

The Price
The price seems to be on par with the Decade line in general. It isn’t what I’d consider a deal, but I don’t feel as though I was shortchanged either. (Of course, these were provided to me at no cost, but I did buy and smoke one prior to this review.)

The Verdict
If you’d like to revisit Rocky’s long-gone Winter 2009 and don’t have a stash squirreled away in your humidor, you’re in luck. I think you’ll find the Decade Edicion Limitada to be an excellent substitute. In fact, you might actually like it more than the Winter 2009. I do. The flavors are dark and rich like the Winter 2009, but also seem less rough and more refined. (Of course, I’m going on memory here, it’s been quite a while since I had one.)

So yes, I’d recommend trying the Decade Edicion Limitada to fans of full-bodied cigars. And since they haven’t gotten a lot of press, you might even have a shot at finding some before they’re gone! I hope they sell well, because I’d like to see more cigars featuring Pennsylvania Broadleaf in the future.

Liked It: Yes
Buy It Again: Yes, from time to time.
Recommend It: Yes, especially to fans of the Winter 2009 and similar cigars.

Tower of Burn
Here for your viewing pleasure is my trademark Tower of Burn.