Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA) – Episode 41

After a long, long, long hiatus, we are back with a new episode of Your Questions, My Answers (YQMA). Due to schedule conflicts and the complications of editing multiple videos streams together into one video, we slowly drifted away from the video show that many people came to love.

Realizing that Stogie Review had a hole where YQMA used to be, the bunch of us put our heads together and talked about how we could bring the show back without it being a huge work-load for the unlucky individual who had to do the editing.

We decided that for simplicities sake we would get together in pairs and record using the same split screen application we use for Join Reviews and Herfin’ Heads videos. In addition, we also decided that shortening the length of the show considerably (in its prime the videos were averaging close to two hours) was our best bet to resolve scheduling issues.

Because this new format makes it much easier for us to produce shows, we hope that it will allow us to produce them more frequently. What we have for you today is the first video utilizing this new format. If you aren’t thrilled with it, no need to worry, we plan on getting the four of us together on video from time to time.

The video below runs twenty-five minutes and features myself and Brian Hewitt. Together we tackle two topics which include dry boxing cigars and how to keep the smoke smell down within the home. We also throw in a little discussion about the cigar we smoked during the recording, the CAO La Traviata.