CAO La Traviata (Animados)

La Traviata Animados

So you’re probably scratching your head and asking yourself, “another La Traviata review?” We’ve covered the CAO La Traviata a lot here on Stogie Review. I got a sneak peek before the 2009 IPCPR, then Brian and I reviewed it in a episode of The Herfing Heads, it made my Top 10 list for 2009, it also made Brian’s Box Worthy List of 2009 and even more recently, Walt did a Short Ashes video back in January. So why another review?

Well despite what your significant other may tell you, size does matter. This review covers the newest size addition to the lineup; CAO La Traviata Animados. The Animados size should be hitting retailers within the next few days or may have got them in late last week. The Animados features a 46 ring gauage which is the smallest ring gauge available in the La Traviata line.

The smaller ring gauge really makes the blend of CAO La Traviata shine. I felt the flavors to be bolder, brighter and they pop on my palette. Up until now the Divino was my go to in this line. The Divino is a great size but the Animados intensifies the creamy, sweet, spicey, woodsy flavor profile making it a fresh full bodied experience.