Romeo y Julieta Aniversario (Short Ashes)

Romeo y Julieta - Anniversario - 1

Several years ago, I believe it was back around Christmas of 2006, I saw a sale on the JR Cigars website that I couldn’t pass up. The deal featured a gift box that included a ceramic Romeo y Julieta ashtray with a handful of cigars to go along with it. I believe there were a couple Romeo y Julieta Reserve Maduro, Reserva Real, 1875, and Aniversario.

At the time I was fond of the RyJ Maduro as well as a sucker for ceramic ashtrays. For a price right around $35.00, I just couldn’t pass it up and placed my order. The ashtray saw a fair amount of use before being set aside for a Stinky Cigar Ashtray. As for the cigars, I smoked most of them but eventually grew away from the line. The remaining cigars found themselves tucked away in a dark corner of my coolidor.

Wanting to smoke something a little different on a Saturday morning, I decided to go digging and see what I had lying around in a cooler that doesn’t get opened much. One of the first cigars I came across was the Romeo y Julieta Aniversario. When I saw it, it brought back fond memories of my early days of cigar smoking.

Being caught up in those fond memories, I decided to light it on up and pair it with a cup of coffee. The result was much different than I would have expected. Take a few minutes to check out the video below and see how this cigar from 2006 performed as a first cigar of the day.