La Herencia Cubana

Drew Estate

La Herencia Cubana

Thanks for everyone who voted for this week’s review on The Stogie Review Fan Forums. It was a tight race and the La Herencia Cubana was the dark horse and came out of no where to win it in the end. The La Herencia Cubana is another cigar from the stables of AJ Fernandez. Similar to the Man O’War series and the Disel Unholy Cocktail, it is only available from Cigars International and/or

The La Herencia Cubana turned out to be very different from the AJ Fernandez that I’m use to. I know Cigars International will tell you this is a full bodied cigar but lets be honest. Its body and flavor profile are both medium at best. Which isn’t a bad thing.

Video runs around 8 minutes and I have to say that the La Herencia Cubana brought me back to the days when I religiously stayed inside the mild-medium comfort zone. It was nice to be reminded that a medium bodied, medium flavor cigar can produce a enjoyable and refreshing smoking experience. The La Herencia Cubana wins your heart with its simple, soft and subtle flavor profile and at $3 a cigar, is easy on the wallet.

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