Gurkha Empire II

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Origin : Unknown
Wrapper : Dark Connecticut
Binder : Unknown
Filler : Long-leaf Ligero from the Dominican
Source : Purchased from Cigars International with my own funds

Today I have for you the Gurkha Empire II. This is a cigar that there is not much information floating around on except what is on the Cigar’s International website. To sum it up, there are six blends available that vary in construction, strength and flavor. Over the next six reviews, we shall see if I get those same results.

This cigar comes in one size, a 5.5 x 52.


My Gurkha Empire II had a nice firm feel to it, with quite a few veins, but no soft spots. I have one area that looks and feels like a bump. Best way I describe it is that a stem would be under the wrapper or binder. I do notice that the band and footband take up quite a bit of real estate, so I hope there are no problems under them.

Removing the footband was very simple as it pulled right off the end of the cigar. I noticed nothing underneath the band that will cause problems.

I sparked this cigar up with ease and was greeted with a bit of resistance on the draw and a bit of coffee on the palette..

First Third

We started off with a bit of coffee and woodiness with a little spice when passing through the sinus’. As in the Gurkha Empire I, I do take note of the ligero in this cigar, but I am a mild-medium smoker, so ligero is pretty noticeable for me.

Ash fell off the first time at about 1/4 inch, of course, landing on my keyboard.

Into the first third I am getting a predominate earthy taste on the aftertaste. I still taste coffee on the inhale, but after expunging all the smoke, my mouth feels kind of gritty and dirty. Now everyone will think I am an idiot and have no clue what I am talking about, but, I just tasted cauliflower. After sending smoke through my sinus cavity, it just smacked me with cauliflower taste in my mouth. Not raw cauliflower but cooked.

Second Third

Starting off in the second third of my Gurkha Empire II, we are at a medium body already for me.

I may have started this third a bit premature, but with that bump in the cigar, I figured I will include all of that in this third.

Well all that talk for nothing. Smoked right through the bump with no problems at all.

I am getting a predominant earthy taste with a bit of woodiness in the background. I still can taste the spice but it is more on the aftertaste than anything. I am still getting the cauliflower taste after the fact. I can taste it plain as day. I will say, I never noticed that in the others I smoked.

Body has stayed close to the medium range, maybe close to low full for me, but still nothing too much.

Final Third

While the snow falls outside I am going to get into the final third of my Gurkha Empire II.

Starting out we have the earthy taste with a bit of spice and cauliflower on the after taste. I would call the body medium-high right now.

Burn line has gotten nice and thin and is pretty even the whole way around.

Well I hate to say it but this third might not smoked the whole way. I am starting to get ammonia. I had this problem with the first cigar of the 3 I smoked, but not the second. Now I get it on the third. I really hate when I get that taste as it pretty much ruins the previous enjoyment I was getting from the cigar.

I had to end the cigar earlier than I normally do because the ammonia just would not go away.


I really liked this Gurkha Empire II until it hit the final third and got the ammonia. I am hoping that someone informs me if the ammonia will go away with aging or if it something that can not be fixed after the cigar is already rolled. I will do some research on my own in the meantime.

If you only smoke the first two thirds of a cigar, I would say to buy these as they had a nice flavor to them and were not overpowering. If you like to nub a cigar then I would wait to find out about the ammonia first.

Over all, I enjoyed this one more than the Gurkha Empire I because it did not get as strong for me in the first two thirds.

Look for my reviews on the rest of the series in the coming weeks.

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