Zino Platinum Crown Series Emperor 2009 (First Impressions)

Zino Platinum Crown Series Emperor Edition 2009 1 - Main

We will see how this goes over. Since this is a First Impressions, I just basically included my notes in the write up with a bit of editing.

Pre-light and first puffs – nice smooth oily wrapper, not much odor to it, see papers for info on it. Light up was great, first puffs were woody and STRONG. VERY loose draw that produces volumes of smoke.

First Third

STRONG – woody, coffee, and a hint of what tastes to me like dates, in the background – This cigar might kill me. Burn line is off a bit already, lets hope it straightens out. Ash is very flaky and just crumbled when I sat it on the ashtray. Burn line straightened out. Getting bit of the charred taste also, kinda like the burnt meat thing.

Second Third

STRONG – my lord I might pass out – Wow it has some strength. I have had super flaky ash and burn problems that seem to correct themselves. Can not let the cigar sit too long or it wants to go out – probably from the ligero.

Final Third

STRONG – Hitting the final third the charred taste has taken over with coffee splashed in, but the strength is VERY high. Oh yea, got the cold sweats happening and all! Still a really strong charred taste with a woodsy background. I cant taste much more than that because I think it is searing my taste buds off.

Wrap Up

Standing up was fun – wow – strong strong strong – full bodied PLUS for this puppy. Did not get harsh at the end.

I was told the flaky ash might have been caused by a dry cigar. You can see how flaky it was in the pictures before the video.

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