Tatuaje RC184 (Guest Review)

This review comes courtesy of Rich (BootyRock)
from the Stogie Review Fan Forums

The RC cigars (RC meaning “Retro Cuban”) are two unique figurados. They feature half of the cigar wrapped in foil (the head), and the names (numbers) relate to the size in millimeters. Blended to be milder than the regular Miami line. Little else is known about this blend, aka, I can’t find much info on them.
These cigars are not regular production…Pete tends to release these on a whim, with no rhyme or reason…so they can be hard to come by.

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 1

Lets see how it does

Tatuaje RC184
Wrapper: Ecuadorian Habano
Binder: Nicaraguan
Filler: Nicaraguan
Size: 7.25 x 57
Price: MSRP = $20
Acquired by: Trade (thx DK!)
Location: Back Porch
Drinking: Sweet Tea

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 2

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 3Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 4

First Impressions:

Well constructed, slight damage to the foot, but shouldn’t be a problem. Only one noticeable vein, that is easily felt, but like the foot damage… shouldn’t provide any difficulties.
Cold draw is perfect with a wonderful cedar, and chillipowder/cumin flavor, hints of molasses
First puff gives a nice oaky note with slight pepper and a touch of sweetness. As it moves along, the spice picks up slightly, and coats the palate with nice tingle. The smoke is sweet on the tongue, and has notes of cedar and cumin. Through the sinuses is spicy with a floral note. The burn is a little wonky, probably due to the damage and the nipple foot.

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 5

First Third:

The burn has straightened itself out, and is chugging along very nicely. The spice has subsided now and leaves a nice clean finish. The body has chilled to a solid medium. Flavors are also more subdued, but there seems to be more to find now. I’m not only picking up the cedar and cumin notes as before, but now there is a nice occasional hint of cinnamon, and nutmeg. Near the end of the 1/3 the finish dries out, and the spice returns slightly. The ash held on for nearly 2 inches before falling.

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 6

Second Third:

Along with the dry finish, the flavors have shifted to sweet leather. The flavors just keep building on one another. The cedar/cumin notes can still be found, particularly when retrohaled, also, the hints of cinnamon/nutmeg remain. The burn isn’t quite perfect, but doesn’t need any corrections. The ash held on for nearly 2 inches before falling.

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 7

Last bit:

Continuing the trend from the 2/3rd, the finish is very dry, and leathery. Flavor notes are all over the board, notes of cedar, cinnamon, and cumin are found easily. Picking up slight coffee notes as well. The spice continues to hang around, adding to the dry feeling on the palate. The burn continues to be wavy, but self-correcting.

Guest - Tatuaje RC184 - 8

Final thoughts:

There seemed to always be new flavors to be discovered along the entire smoke. The variation from spicy full body at the beginning to creamy medium body in the middle, back to a slightly spicy dry finish was awesome to behold. The range of flavors both savory and sweet were very well balanced, and complimented each other extremely well. The strength of the stick is somewhere in the medium-full range, only a slight nicotine buzz, but its probably due to the length of the smoke. Overall the this was a wonderful cigar, with tremendous complexity, which is no doubt aided by the figurado shape. It didn’t always hit my flavor profile head on, but was so varied in what it offered that it keep me very entertained. The price is somewhat prohibitive for me. If it were more in my flavor wheelhouse I would search these out constantly. But as it stands I may pick up a couple more to save, but won’t be buying a box anytime soon.

Liked it: Yes
Buy it again: The price is a bit high, but will pick up a couple more if I find them
Recommend it: Absolutely! If you love complexity, and a cigar that commands your attention this is a must try.