Illusione 888

Illusione 888 - 1

Origin : Nicaraguan

Wrapper : Nicaraguan Cafe Colorado

Binder : Nicaraguan

Filler : Nicaraguan

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Pre Light

First off I want to say I was gifted this cigar by a great BOTL on twitter, Tony Casas. I also mentioned in the video how he runs his own site and that our very own Walt wrote a guest article for him about the process of choosing cigars.

This Illusione 888 is (48 x 6.75″) and ranges in price from $7-$10 depending on if you buy singles up through boxes.

Here is the blurb on Illusione’s website about the 888…

“~888~ Necessary and Sufficient

Here’s where I delve into my faith a bit more. The name Jesus (IhsouV) adds up to 888 in Hebrew numerology called Gematria. Each letter is assigned the corresponding number. “Necessary and Sufficient” both describes the balance and profile of this cigar. It also represents to not go wanting, He is all I need, He is necessary and sufficient.”

There was no way I could paraphrase that without screwing it up, so I figured I should let it the way Dion wrote it.

Just a beautiful looking silky smooth cigar that has a bit of a barnyard smell to it. Cold draw is giving me chocolate tastes with maybe a hint of chocolate. I lit the cigar with my creme brulee torch and started my journey into the Illusione 888.

First Third

First third of the Illusione 888 is not it’s strong point. A bit of earth and some chocolate in the background and on the finish. burn line was way off for a while, but it corrected itself, then it went whacky again. Ash fell off at around 1/4 inches into the cigar and has not looked very solid as of yet. I would call this cigar a high medium in the body right now but the flavors are a low medium. I get a nice volume of smoke but the burn line is thick in this third.

Second Third

I am about 45 minutes into my Illusione 888 when I start this second third. Cigar did not overwhelm in the first third so I am hoping it really opens up and develops in this one.

Smoking into this second third and as I expected, the flavors are opening up very nicely. I am now getting a great spice taste with mostly earth. I will get a hint of the chocolate every now and again but the earth is what is on the finish now. Smoke has gotten very creamy in this third and just coats the palette with the spice and earth. Just wonderful!

Final Third

Entering the final third I was still getting the spice and earthiness in my Illusione 888. Power may have gone up a bit but without the nasty nicotine kick, it is still a great cigar. I am getting some of the charred meat taste also in this third but it isn’t a predominant flavor.

In the video I mentioned a slight soft spot at the band. As I am nearing the band, this spot is getting very soft and mushy. i hope I can smoke through it to nub this fine cigar, but it has given me plenty of enjoyment that I will not fuss if I can’t.

I finished up a bit early. I hit the soft spot and the cigar really started to heat up and get bitter tasting. I can not hold this against them, since none of the other ones I have smoked had this problem. Charred meat became the predominant flavor along with the spice at the end.


Really a wonderful cigar! I would say any full bodied smoker would enjoy these any time of the day and mild to medium smokers would like them in the afternoon or evening. I would go so far as buying a box of these for myself if I ever have the funds to do so.

My smoke time was a bit over 2 hours but I will admit, when I have a stronger cigar in my hands, I do tend to smoke a lot slower than I normally would.