Perdomo Reserve Champagne (Short Ashes)

Perdomo Reserve Champagne

Shortly after getting into the hobby of cigars, I discovered a brand that I came to smoke fairly frequently. That brand was Perdomo. I don’t recall which vitola it was that first attracted me to the brand, but I do recall ordering several samplers from Cigars International, in part, due to Perdomo being in the lineup.

As my hobby progressed, the Lot 23 was introduced and I found myself picking it up from time to time at my local cigar shop. During one of these visits, I decided that I would give the more expensive 10th Anniversary, Reserve, line a try. I opted to go with the Connecticut wrapped Perdomo Reserve Champagne.

I came to become a fan of that stick and treated myself with one fairly frequently. While attending the 2009 IPCPR Convention in New Orleans, Jerry, Brian, and I had a chance to speak with Chris Harper, National Director of Sales for Perdomo. While speaking with Chris, we learned that the pricing on the 10th Anniversary line was being reduce by nearly a dollar per stick.

Even since this price reduction I have found myself picking up the Perdomo Reserve Champagne fairly regularly as a morning cigar to be paired up with a cup of coffee. This week, my review features this very Connecticut Shade wrapped cigar as I get my morning under way.