Diesel – Unholy Cocktail

Diesel Unholy Cocktail

The latest release from AJ Fernandez, maker of the Man O’War Series, has been the focus of my eye for awhile. Between the juicy images and mouth watering description in the CI/Cigar.com catalog and the buzz on Twitter, I couldn’t wait any longer to weigh in on the Unholy Cocktail aka the Diesel.

Video runs about 14:30 minutes and along with giving my take on the Diesel, I also spend a few minutes to answer a question from Lou about how much time it takes to do a video review. Hands down the Diesel Unholy Cocktail is a must for your humidor. Don’t fiddle around with buying a 5 pack, save yourself on shipping and buy your box of 30 now. At around $3.50 and the raw flavors, the Diesel has definitely carved out a section as a staple in my humidor right next to the Man O’War Ruination. Now to the million dollar question, is the Diesel better than the Ruination? In my opinion, no. The Diesel seems to be a hybrid between the Rocky Patel Winter Collection and the MoW Ruination. There are definitely characteristics in each that pop up in the Unholy Cocktail but the Diesel is a little more raw and rustic where the MoW Ruination to me is more refined. When you’re done with my review, head over and check out Ben’s review over at Nice Tight Ash.

Correction: In the video I make reference to the RP Winter Collection 2010. I know that no such thing exists. My mind was freezing and so I kept saying Winter Collection 2010 or whatever so whenever you hear me say that, I really mean the new Patel Bros. I blame the cold weather. LOL.

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High Definition -> http://blip.tv/file/get/Jcruz1027-DieselUnholyCocktail794.mov (Quicktime 7 Required)
MP3 -> http://blip.tv/file/get/Jcruz1027-DieselUnholyCocktail913.mp3